Travel Angels at your service

  • Have both freedom and security

Your Travel Angel, a French or English speaking native living in Japan "guardian angel," welcomes you to your home and introduces you to all the key points of the city. Contactable by phone and email throughout your stay to assist and provide information, they will allow you to discover Japan safely.

  • More than a trip

Your Travel Angel, chosen for his/her friendliness, cultural knowledge and helpfulness, will assist you to better enjoy your stay. By introducing you to the local customs and sending you to the best places, she helps you have a unique experience of daily life in Japan, total immersion.



The role of Travel Angels 

Check-in and check-out

  • They give you advice by email to arrange your arrival

Want to know the fastest way to get to your house? Need to know what clothes to pack? Researching your trip ahead of time and need some recommendations? The Travel Angel will give you their advice by email from the day you reserve your house until the end of your stay.

  • They will be there at the end of your stay

The Travel Angel will come to see you again at the end of your stay to pick up the keys and check that everything went well. Also, in order to continually improve our services, the Travel Angel will ask you about your trip to find out what you liked or disliked, and if you discovered any places to add to our list of tips to pass onto future travellers.

Discover your house

  • They will meet you at your house at your convenience

The Travel Angel will be there at the house to welcome you at a time most convenient for you. If you get lost, call them, and they will be able to help you find your way.

  • They explain how the house works

There are many parts of a Japanese house that are not familiar to travellers. The way of life is different, and so are the houses. The Travel Angel is in charge of explaining in detail how all the Japanese appliances work, and how to remain on good terms with the neighbours.

Explore your neighbourhood

  • They will visit the neighbourhood with you and show you the places to know around the house

Upon your arrival, you will most likely need to do some grocery shopping or mail some letters. The Travel Angel will tell you where to find all the shopping necessities, saving you valuable time in an unfamiliar area. In addition, he or she will know the shortcuts to the train station, walks to take, and the best restaurants for dinner.

  • They will give you advice during your trip

If you don’t have specific plans for places to visit, ask your Travel Angel, who will advise you on the best places and events going on during your stay. Talk to them during your arrival at the house, or contact them by email before or during your stay.



Who are our Travel Angels?


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