Outdoor activities

Whether you're an avid mountain enthusiast, love cooling off in the water, or intrigued by nature and wildlife, you're sure to find an activity to suit you out in Japan!

Mountain and countryside activities

Japan is a country of rolling mountains, with breathtaking scenery and hiking trails for all ability levels and endless opportunities for outdoor fun.

Of course, climb the iconic Mount Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the three holy mountains of Japan. 

Visit Yakushima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture with its dense forests for hiking and home to the Jomon Sugi, a Japanese Cedar tree that is said to originate from the Jomon era over 7000 years ago. 

Take a trip out to Mount Takayama in Gifu Prefecture for some of the most unique outdoor activities like snowshoeing and river fishing, then visit Gero in the same prefecture to go canyoning and aerobranching through the trees. 

For more subdued outdoor activities to relax, the 5-Lake Shiretoko region in Hokkaido is home to some of the most amazing nature and wildlife in the entirety of Japan!

  • Duration : 2 day
  • Location : Tokyo
  • Duration : 8 hour
  • Location : Yakushima
  • Duration : 2 hour
  • Location : Hida
  • Duration : 5 hour
  • Location : Gero
  • Duration : 3 hour
  • Location : Gero

Water activities

Japan, being an island archipelago, offers a multitude of outdoor water activities. Whether you prefer kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling or surfing, there's an activity for you.

You can kayak off the island sanctuary of Miyajima off the coast of Hiroshima and take a gander at the iconic torii gate of Itskushima Shrine!

Canoe on Lake Kawaguchiko for breathtaking views of Mount Fuji!

You can even surf on the beaches near Tokyo at Fujisawa in Kanagawa Prefecture!

For a unique experience, try canoeing in the Kushiro marshes, a national park home to many species of wildlife, in summer or winter.

  • Duration : 8 hour
  • Location : Hiroshima
  • Duration : 2 hour
  • Location : Kawaguchiko
  • Duration : 2 hour
  • Location : Shibecha
  • Duration : 3 hour
  • Location : Fujisawa

Wildlife Watching Activities

Japan is home to a diverse set of unique wildlife.

For an unforgettable outdoor experience, you can observe an array of animals like eagles and sea lions at Shiretoko in Hokkaido!

Witness giant Japanese flying squirrels, known as musasabi in Japanese, soar about in Karuizawa, Nagano.

Japanese cranes, known locally as Tancho, elegantly stroll about in Shibecha in Hokkaido. 

Book one of our wildlife observation tours today to see the ocuntry's most emblematic species!

  • Duration : 2 hour
  • Location : Utoro
  • Duration : 90 minute
  • Location : Karuizawa
  • Duration : 2 hour
  • Location : Shibecha

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