Cultural Activities

Japan offers a symphony of ancient traditions and sparkling modernity. Each city abundant in unique cultural activities, allowing you to discover the treasures of the archipelago. From kimono rental to creating your own chopsticks in Kyoto, and unique activities in more remote areas, experience an adventure like no other with Japan Experience activities.

Japanese Gastronomy

Japanese cuisine is a true cultural experience in itself, renowned for its finesse and variety.

Culinary workshops like a nigiri sushi making experience in Shinjuku, Tokyo, gives some insight into Japan's most representative cuisine, best defined by its simple, yet nuanced and satisfying preparation.

For those looking for truly one-of-a-kind gastronomic experiences, go out onto the waters in Shinagawa, Tokyo for a dinner on a Yakatabune, a restaurant experience on a floating boat. 

In Kyoto, take a look into a food culture that shares a history as deep as the city with a quality sake tasting and a visit to Nishiki Market where some of the best food in Japan can be found.

Green tea is also a staple of the Kyoto region and with our Tea Road Experience travelers can visit the producers of this beverage that is so-strongly associated with Japan. 

  • Duration : 90 minute
  • Location : Kyoto
  • Duration : 1 hour
  • Location : Kyoto
  • Duration : 3 hour
  • Location : Shinjuku City

Japanese crafts

Japanese craftsmanship is an essential pillar of the country's traditional culture, offering a window into traditions and know-how. Traditional Japanese arts and crafts are world-renowned for attention to detail, making them a cultural staple that dates back centuries.

In Tokyo, take a look at our Washi-making experience where traditional Japanese paper is created with age-old techniques. Additionally, Kintsugi, the Japanese craft of repairing ceramics with gold, is also on display in the capital city. 

In Kyoto, tradition is heavily synonymous with the city, and Kyo Yuzen dyeing is an excellent representation of that. This is a traditional form of coloring fabric that entails painting directly onto cloth that results in vibrant colors and dynamic gradients. 

Take a trip to Sakai in Osaka where the art of Japanese knife-making has been perfected over generations. See these craftsman at work making some of the best cutlery on the planet!


  • Duration : 4 hour
  • Location : Kameoka
  • Duration : 1 hour
  • Location : Edogawa City
  • Duration : 1 hour
  • Location : Minato City

Demonstrations and ceremonies

Experience a glimpse of Japan's cultural and communal heritage through a variety of cultural events and activities. 

Pay a visit to an actual Sumo Wrestling training facility in Tokyo to see their morning excercises and practice! A behind-the-scenes look at Japan's world-famous national sport!

For those who wish to see the origins of a martial art known throughout the world-over, a trip down to Okinawa with us is the best way to see Karate first-hand in its birthplace

In Kyoto, relax and experience hundreds of years of history before your eyes with a traditional tea ceremony headed by certified tea masters who will demonstrate the serenity and precision that has made this ceremony so famous world-wide. 

  • Duration : 2 hour
  • Location : Tokyo
  • Duration : 1 hour
  • Location : Kyoto
  • Duration : 3 hour
  • Location : Naha

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